Hare cut, or rather, snail cut.

This morning I travelled thirty minutes across the city to get my hair cut.
I was within maybe 5 metres of the front door when I realised that my money was on the desk at home.
It took me 2.5 hours to get my hair cut including travel time 😦

I buggered about for a bit at home and then went out to meet Tapiwa for the Raptors game.
We went for a pint in the Real Sports bar. It was RAMMED and they served a load of people before me who had got there after me.
I was pissed off so they didn’t get a tip.
Eventually Baldo turned up and after they’d had a pint we went in to watch the game.
We hadn’t bought our tickets at the same time so we were all sat randomly around the arena.

Raptors lost AGAIN! But it’s hardly surprising anymore.

We managed to find each other afterwards and we set about wandering aimlessly on path.
Upon reaching The Bay, we found it was shut and so found ourselves in a dead end. Tapiwa was desperate to pee, but the washrooms were closed.
We finally managed to make it to the surface and he dashed inside the Eaton Centre. The washrooms were also closed there.

Joey’s was the bar we chose and Tapiwa was eventually able to relive himself. The washrooms are 47m from the bar though (it’s signposted in metres), but I assume he made it. We were told we could stand at the bar, but tables were people on the wait list. We went straight to a table and sat down. We didn’t get evicted either!
We had a couple of beers and then I was ready to leave. But Baldo insisted I stay. We had a few more and then of course the mandatory sausage from the street vender.

After arriving back at the subway station, I suggested we take a different bus, as the one we normally go on was nowhere to be seen.
This was where things went horribly wrong. Whilst walking back to the house we went past a bar that we’d never been in. literally 10m from our house.
Well we should have gone past it, but after hesitating outside for a short time, we went inside.
The place is hippy trippy and they still have Christmas lights up. The bar is tiny, probably a max capacity of about 70 people, if that.
They asked if we’d already been drinking, but we managed to get past those questions and we got served.
We had fun and finally made it home at about 3am.


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