Canadian’s don’t know how to do public holidays.

I set out early this morning to go to nofrills, as cheese was on special offer. $4 off and it’s still expensive!
Luckily there was a bus just as I was walking up the street, but this unfortunately meant that I arrived at nofrills way too early, so I had to wander around several times to kill some time.

I then had to do the trip of shame to the beer store just after it opened. The place was full of scaffs with suitcases of empty cans stocking up on beer for the weekend. As if LCBO doesn’t open on good Friday, and whilst we’re on the subject, how come there’s no Easter beer festivals in Toronto!??!?!

I dropped the stuff off at home and then rushed down town to the Eaton Centre to meet my mate from England. We sat and talked for a bit and then he mentioned that he needed to print out his ticket for the basketball game. I led him to the Apple store and we used their iPhone activation printers to print it out. Unfortunately we got caught and shouted at, but that wasn’t before we had the ticket and were leaving!

We then walked West to University and got on the subway.

Work was the usual and then afterwards I went to meet some guys at a local pool hall. Just as I got there and had a pint they all decided to leave! Glad I bothered to make the effort! We drove to pizza pizza, ate a medium between us and then the other three decided they were going to walk up and down Eglinton until the score some weed. I wasn’t interest in that and so spent 20 mins in the freezing cold waiting for a bastard bus! Ridiculous!

Home just after midnight. Day off tomorrow, but as with the last holiday it seems that even in a city as big as Toronto there isn’t much actually happening.


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