Steam Shizzle.

I got a Txt from Jarvis (my friend from England.) He was at union and his friend was working so I was trying to think of something to entertain him.
After looking at google maps I found the perfect thing…

Steam Whistle Brewery!

I quickly rallied the troops and we all headed down there. Just before I left, Baldo exclaimed, “LCBO is closed and you still managed to find a way to buy beer!”

We had just arrived at St Patrick station when a rude man shouted at me to move over so he could sit down. It was my mate from work!

We congregated outside the brewery, but Tapiwa was late as usual so we had to take the 2pm tour instead. Whilst we were waiting we had our picture taken outside the front of the brewery.

Unfortunately the tour wasn’t as good as last time because it was Good Friday and so half the brewers were on holiday. But we still had a good time.

Afterwards, we headed down to Lakeshore and Simcoe and had some ‘street meat.’ It was the best takeaway I have had in a very long time. Highyl recommended!

We all then went back to Brandon’s and, after writing some lyrics, we went in the studio and recorded some raps about Toronto Living.
This was the result:

I got home around 2am.


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