If you’re a taxi driver, don’t try ripping me off. My GTA geography is pretty good now.

Sorry I’m so far behind. I keep having late nights.

Saturday I got home from work around 10 and my housemates were drinking in the kitchen.
I joined them and a couple of hours later four of the girls turned up too.
We ate loads of ‘chips’ and talked (mostly in Croatian,) but Vitaliy (Russian) was there so occasionally we managed to force the conversation back into English.

At 1am, Baldo decided that we were going to the club.



The clubs all shut at 2…

Regardless, we all went out to Kensington market and after wandering around aimlessly, we arrived at the Boat club.
It was now 1:30.
The good thing about all of this was that I hate clubs, so I only had to endure shit music and pretending to dance for just less than an hour.

We then went to an Australian’s house and sat in his basement eating Croatian cheese on bread.
This wasn’t enough, so we did a mission to McDonalds, where a woman was shouting about having her phone stolen or something. We watched the ‘circus’ for a while before we arose suspicion and had to do a runner.

Baldo and I went out onto the street to catch the streetcar, which had long since stopped running, and ended up flagging down a passing taxi.
It was a woman, and she was off her tits.
I leant over to the open window and asked if she would take us home for a tenner. She recognised that my accent wasn’t from Toronto and tried to con us by asking to drop us off 2 blocks away. I told her, “THAT’S TWO BLOCKS AWAY!” To which she replied, “no it isn’t!”
After telling her all the roads between her suggestion and where we live, I persuaded her and we got in.

As we drove along, she danced to her shit music pumping out of the radio. Baldo convinced her to give us her number by saying that we were doing a website all about Toronto and we’d get our reporter to ring her up to do an interview about being the best taxi driver in Toronto.
The meter went past $10 and was around the $12 mark.
She realised this and then tried to con us again by attempting to abandon us two blocks south of our house. She claimed we’d said a completely different road.
We threatened her with a crap review on our website and she changed her mind and drove us to our house.

We arrived home at 4am.


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  1. …there are women taxi drivers in Toronto?
    Wow. I have never ever ever run into one!

    Sounds like you had an exciting night. The taxis here are horrible rip-offs, sorry about that

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