Stir Fry maaan!

I went to the post office this morning to get my parcel that hadn’t been delivered. I was wondering why they hadn’t just left a camera filter in the mail box, but after collecting it, it all made sense. Best Buy had packaged it in a massive cardboard box about 15 times the size of the filter itself. I was also glad that I didn’t get grief for having an ID that didn’t match the address of the parcel.

I decided to walk to nofrills instead of taking the subway, as it was a nice day outside. I’m glad I did as well, as I discovered many more shops and a church that I didn’t know existed. Probably won’t use any of them, but it’s nice to find new things.
Wal*mart and nofrills were the usual affair, apart from the woman at the meat counter insisting on giving me two chops after I’d asked for one and then when she said “two,” I had confirmed that it was actually one that I wanted. Oh well, I can freeze them both til I need them.

The middle of the day was mainly filled with processing photos from the Easter parade and doing a bit of video editing. I was going to go out and enjoy the excellent weather we have been having, but the weather forecast was insistent on there being a thunder storm and I didn’t really want to be caught out in the rain with my camera.

I’m just back from playing the blues gig and I have to say, it was probably the best performance we have ever done. I just hope the video we took is just as good.
I had the stir fry tonight and it was awesome. Plus, it was a gigantic portion, the bowl was almost bottomless. Yum Yum!


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