Bricks and shit

Today I decided to explore the Don Valley Brickworks. I got off the subway at Castle Frank and crossed the suicide bridge. This bridge over the parkway used to be the number 2 suicide spot in North America (Golden Gate Bridge is number 1.)

I took some arty shots and then stumbled once again upon the discovery trail. I followed this to Todmorden Mills. I thought it was just a coincidence that the place was named after the town where I used to play football after work, but a sign by the entrance confirmed that it was actually named after there and the owner of the mill’s family was from Todmorden, West Yorkshire (possibly Lancashire in those days.)

I then ignored the discovery trail and walked across a railway track where I stopped to take some more photos.

Turns out this line is a friggin’ Go train line!!! They should put up a fence!

The Brickworks were on the other side of a massive hill so I decided I was just going to walk straight up the side of the hill. It was tough, but I was greeted at the top by another train track…

…and this view:

I then walked around the top route until I came to a dead end and a sign that stated, “no access to top route, take the lower route.” The arrow pointed off a sheer drop.
I weighed up my options and decided on going down this route. The picture doesn’t do it justice, I had to cling onto the tree roots for dear life as I slide down the embankment.

I then made my way to the main brick works buildings.

I spoke to the girl on reception about just what the hell the building was for and she told me a load of stuff that I totally forgot because I was too distracted by her nose piercing. I went through into the kiln room which is completely covered in graffiti. This is because, when the brick factory was closed, people started holding illegal raves there. The graffiti is now considered local historical importance and will not be removed. There’s even a section in the wash rooms which are rather posh considering.
I’m actually lucky to have ever seen it, as the council issued a removal notice for the graffiti early last year, but they got it overturned.

I then came back via Castle Frank road and was absolutely blown away by the sheer size and expense of the houses. Wowzerz!

That night I went to El Mocambo for the Hundred Faces gig. The Bob Marley Film got released yesterday and some guys were playing his songs on a boom box at the back of the street car. It was good to have some decent music blasting out on public transport for a change.
Hundred Faces are basically a collective of session musicians who get together now and again to play a gig.
It’s only just starting up, so I’m trying to get involved too. My friend plays bass with them so that’s how I got to meet the guys.
Somehow I also ended up with a free Steam Whistle T-shirt! Bonus!


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