Escalator surfing.

I went to nofrills this morning for my food shopping. I made a huge purchase. When I say huge, I mean 40 rolls of bog roll!
It was on special offer, so I couldn’t turn it down, but I probably looked ridiculous as I struggled to carry it home, walking down the street.
I bought huge amounts of bread products, because I eat so much of the stuff.

My commute started with a bang. As I got off the bus at Eglinton Station, the guy in front of me was clearly in a hurry.
The subway train had just arrived and this guy decided that he had to catch it.
He jumped up on the central piece between the two escalators and slid about 60metres on his bum, down quite a steep slope to the bottom.
I was dreading him stacking it at the bottom, but he totally landed it in style.

Unfortunately he missed the train, but I was very impressed by his effort.
Here’s a photo of the escalator:

Work was the usual, and then afterwards I came home and went to bed. It was late.


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