Cute puppies.

This morning I spent way too long writing an email to an ex-co-worker and was nearly late for work.
I was on time, but the entire day consisted of me nearly being late.

At dinner time I sat outside and the sun was so nice, I actually nearly forgot to clock in!

I was late leaving work because the punch clock was not working as usual and then I was due to meet Sam at 8:50, but the bus arrived and she didn’t get off.

Turned out that she had walked and I arrived 30 mins later because I waited for the next bus to see if she was on that one!
Her phone is this ridiculous thing that’s almost as big as the one on the show, ‘Trigger Happy TV.’
She bought it from some random Chinese company, but it doesn’t work half the time.

It was good to have a chat as I haven’t seen her for ages with her being tied up with university work.

I gave her a tour of my house, since she’s never seen it and Baldo started making jokes about me having a picture of a puppy in my room.
He reckons that the way to get women into bed is to hang a picture of a cute puppy and then they will be tricked into walking in!


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