Showing them the finger.

I woke up today to some pretty shitty news. If I want a work permit for next year, I have to have my finger prints taken because, apparently, someone else has a ‘similar name or date of birth’ to me, and so they are not sure if I am a criminal or not.

I trudged all the way downtown to the police headquarters.

After queuing up and filling in a form, they told me that they don’t take finger prints there unless absolutely necessary. I told them it was necessary, I had an email from the high commission and everything. But she told me 5 times that they don’t take finger prints. This doesn’t appear to be going well.
We shall find out over the next ten days what the hell is going on.

I then took a trip around the police museum whilst I was there, which was actually quite good.

Mounted Police:

The appropriately titled ‘Drunkometer.’

A police bike:

A squad car:

Road safety Campaign:

I also learnt that the intersection of Yonge and Bloor was the first place in Toronto to have an automated traffic light system!

I left the police station and headed further downtown to Queen.
There was a beggar on the subway. A woman walked up to him, really excited and shaking his hand said, “Hello [insert name]! You look well…”
To which I thought, no he doesn’t look well. He doesn’t look well at all. He has a beard down to the floor, he’s dressed in clothes that probably haven’t been washed in a year, he’s slumped against a wall in a subway, possibly in his own piss, almost lifeless, begging for money.
He really doesn’t look in the slightest bit well to me at all!

I went to Henry’s cameras to get a lens hood. I bought one of the rubber ones, but it’s utter garbage so I’ll be taking it back.

After arriving home and eating the biggest pork chop EVER, I travelled to Jonny’s for Blues rehearsal.
We have a new song for Monday đŸ™‚


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