Crazy Albanians!

Straight after work, I went home. As I got on the bus, I noticed the distinct smell of weed.
A guy sat at the back of the bus had a massive bag of it and he was casually rolling a spliff!

I changed at home and set off for a house party.

I got on the subway, turned to the right, and there was someone that I used to work with!
I still find it amazing that there is a subway train every five minutes, with 8 or 10 carriages and 4m people in Toronto, yet I bump into people at an alarming rate on the subway. This was the 5th or 6th time it’s happened.

They were having a leaving party for someone is going back to England due to her work permit running out.
We had some food and chatted and then Almit came to pick me up.

We went to his house and had a couple of beers and some ALbanian dessert.

We then txtd Tapiwa and told him to meet us at the station on the platform.
He replied with, OK.

We went down to the station and waited as three trains went past. Tapiwa was nowhere to be seen, so we took the train anyway.
As we got off the train at Queen, I got a txt from Tapiwa saying he hadn’t got off the train! Why did he agree to meet us then!?!?!

We got to the club. We had a table reserved and a guest list. There was still a massive queue to wait through though for some reason.
Upon entering they patted us down and went through all our pockets. Then came the mandatory coat check. Yep, mandatory.

So lets just do the maths here.
$20 entrance.
$3 coat check.

That’s $23 before you’ve even got into the club!
Next, we had some bottles of vodka, which Almit had paid for. Just standard 1litre Smirnoff vodka.
$130 each.


The place is only open for 3 hours!




So, Tapiwa and I are sat down and everyone is speaking in Albanian. Great, we thought, this is going to be boring.
After a couple of vodkas though, everything kicked off. There was vodka EVERYwhere. On everyone’s clothes, the table, the floor. People were standing on chairs, jumping up and down, throwing ice everywhere. It was like we’d gone to the club with a group of chimpanzees!
It was all very exciting though!

We left around 1 and got TTC home.


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