Screwing Wal*Mart

Today was quite an adventure, although I still felt pretty ill, I decided not to waste my day off.
I went to do the food shopping and got stuck behind a woman at the checkout. She had all the managers gathered around her and she was on the phone shouting about the awful service to customer service.
I was getting pretty pissed off about it. They then started ringing through her items again. She had around 25 boxes of heartburn tablets.
What could she possibly need all them for?
What happened next made me feel better about the situation.
She produced a bunch of flyers and slapped them down on the counter. This was when I realised the genius behind the girl.
She was screwing Wal*mart over.
The pills rang through at $2.22 each, but the flyers gave her $3 off each box. This meant that Wal*mart actually owed her money and she was damn well going to get it.

Ii then continued my shopping at nofrills. After going through the checkout, I saw the same woman at the customer service desk there, on the phone to their customer service!
Now I always thought about being a professional whinger, but I never knew how to make money from it.
This woman had managed it!

I returned home, ate and then went out again, this time to the distillery district.

On the subway I saw Spiderman.

It was actually him!
I could tell, because someone said hello Spiderman, and he replied, hiya.

I arrived at the Deaf Culture Centre and had a brief introduction from one of the founders there.
The place is really cool, there’s a history of American Sign Language which actually shows that they did used to use the British system, but a hearing American went to France to learn to sign and brought the French system back which got bastardised by the Americans into what is ASL today.
There is also various works of art by deaf people on display.

I had a good time there and then returned home (via Best Buy for a chat) to eat some chicken.
It was lovely.


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