Giving them the finger, part 2.

This morning I was up early and went downtown as quickly as I could. I had to get the fingerprint place and back before going to work.

The place was by Yonge and King and wasn’t clearly signposted at all.
I had to skip the lift and go back to check which floor I was supposed to be on. Two people entered the lift.
After finding out where I was supposed to be, I went up to that floor and entered the office there.
The two people who had got in the lift were now in the queue in front of me.

Damn it.

I took a ticket.

Well actually I took two because the machine was crap. It didn’t matter because they didn’t even call any numbers out anyway.

The room was an L shape, with squeeky leather chairs and an office with big glass windows using up the rest of the space.
There was a Canadian flag on a flag pole in the corner. This is how I knew the place was official.
There were also a collection of about 5 bins, one of which looked like someone had puked in it.
The reason I noticed all this, was because I was waiting for bloody ages!

I finally got called in. She took my fingerprints and put my details into the computer…wrongly.
Yep, no surprise there. She had me down for a visa, which I’m not applying for, and the postcode was incorrect.

Afterwards I dashed out, saw this thing…

…and then went to work


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