Too much drums for one day!

Today was a very exciting day. Probably not for anyone reading this blog, but I had a lot of fun.

First of all I went to the Tiff Bell Lightbox, a cinema on King St. The Hot Docs festival was on and I wanted to see a particular film.
I was going to see ‘Beware of Mr Baker.’
I arrived early and stood in the ‘rush tickets’ line as the main tickets had sold out ages ago.
We were all waiting ages for them to actually release some tickets, but then a scalper came up to me and offered me a ticket at 50c above the face value.
Next thing I know, I’m inside and walking up to the cinema! I was pretty scared that the ticket might get rejected or something. Luckily there were no scanners and I folded over the corner that had a dubious biro mark on it.
The film was about Ginger Baker, a famous rock drummer credited with inventing rock music and the playing the first rock band drum solo.
The guy is a complete lunatic. Seriously into drugs, he gave his son cocaine at the age of 15, got through 4 different wives, abandoned his family to live on the street, told his son that he was nothing to him and managed to blow £5m he made from a Cream tribute gig on flying some polo horses over to South Africa.
He also breaks the documentary maker’s nose in the opening seconds of the film.

The film was excellent, although I’m not sure I came away with the correct message. I was thinking he was a complete legend and then I started to think about how he was a terrible father/husband.

After the film I went home and edited some photos.
Here’s one:

This evening I went to the Royal Conservatory to see the Hilario Duran big band.
As usual, I had the best seats in the house!

The drummer was really good. In fact they were all really good and all from Toronto!
Plus! The timbale player was blind!


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