I totally forgot the farce we had last night, so I’m going to put it in today’s blog.

Basically, our landlady wants to screw every penny she can out of this house, so she is cramming as many people as possible into it.
They’ve just done the cellar up to get two more people in, although they must be less than 5ft in order to stand up down there.
The problem arose last night. The stupid woman has built a room around the fuse box. Absolutely ridiculous, especially considering how often our electric trips.
Nadia managed to trip the fuse with her excessive cooking and of course the inhabitant of the room was out. No-one has a key or knew when they’d be back.
We were all walking around with candles and Baldo refused to sacrifice his Playstation extension cord for the fridge because his PS3 was on the circuit that hadn’t tripped.

This morning I went to nofrills. I took the bus there, but it was full of fecking kids. There must have been at least 70 people on the bus, I had to enter through the rear doors. It was so noisy and the teachers were panicking and running up and down asking the driver where the stop was.

Something that struck me as odd at the supermarket today, was that multipack ‘chips’ (crisps) come in boxes in this country. The manufacturers need to sort that out, they’re wasting precious cargo space in shipping!

I served some Scottish customers today and they said they were pleased that, for once they didn’t need a translator!


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