Playing with Fire

We were meeting at Yorkdale. Today was the day we would go to the Montreal Circus Arts Festival.
We were bored of waiting for everyone to turn up, so we started juggling on the sidewalk. Actually I never say sidewalk, change that to pavement!
People were stopping and taking photos of us, despite us repeatedly dropping the balls. We were doing 5 ball ultimates, which is basically a passing routine.
Everyone finally arrived and we set off.

Lunch was at Wendy’s in Kingston. We stopped for gas first and some woman tried (but with no avail) to wash the windscreen whilst another girl tried to flog some cleaning spray for $50 a can to Sean.
He didn’t buy it.

Wendys are really trying to step up their game. After the burger a waiter brought round mints and then brought around baked goods, like cookies and bran bars. it was all free, but the strangest thing was that they had a waiter! In a fast food place!

The journey to Montreal was pretty boring, nothing but trees. We managed to arrive at 5:59, despite hitting traffic. The festival started at 6, so it was pretty good timing. It was a little disappointing though in that there were only about 20 people there. Apparently there’d been problems in the past when the jugglers fell out with the janitor of the school and this was the reason it is now a circus festival and not a juggling festival. Juggling festivals are now banned at this venue!

We juggled for a bit and then got pizza for dinner from across the street.

The evenings entertainment was a fire show. For some reason, they also decided to have a unicycle hockey match next to the fire show… only instead of a puck, they were using a fireball! it was mayhem, the ball kept rolling into the people juggling fire and quite often into the crowd as the barriers didn’t reach all the way to the ground! Gabrial spontaneously decided to buy 5 fire clubs and luckily he was able to juggle them too!

Gladiator was the next activity. Basically everyone stands in a circle juggling clubs and then runs into the middle trying to smack everyone else’s clubs out of their hands. DJ Barrie Chuckle was on the decks playing the same bastard songs over and over again! I hope I never head ‘around the world,’ ever again!

The renegade stage was open at midnight. Not nearly as good as the ones at BJC, but there was still some good acts; a bloke balancing a chair on his chin whilst juggling and a few other quirky things.

Here’s a couple shots I took.


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