Of Montreal

I slept so badly last night. The mat with spiky foam triangles did not do the job on the hard wood basketball court.
My ribs were killing me and my legs weren’t too great either.

I left the festival around 10am and took the metro downtown. The subway was really ghetto. I thought the Toronto trains were bad, but the Montreal seats are just solid plastic with no padding at all. Once again, every bastard thing is in French, with no translations.

I’d worn trousers due to the forecast of rain and 10degree temperatures.
I was roasting!
I walked around the downtown area taking photos, and got shouted at by a tramp for taking his photo.

Miserable bugger

I saw the Notre-Dame Basilica and a few other things and then took the subway back to the festival.

I arrived back at the festival just as Dominique was arriving from Toronto. We did a bit of juggling before heading to the park to check out a MASSIVE slackline.

The photos don’t do this thing justice. The tree in the distance is probably around 120metres away. One guy got up on top of this thing and walked all the way to the end and back, without a safety line. Nutter!

The park was amazing, there people out playing cricket, basketball, baseball, volleyball and skateboarding.

We walked back to the festival and in the room where we had been sleeping, there were 4 or 5 old fogies with whips. It was quite a sight!

We had dinner at a vietnamese restaurant and afterwards we went to check out the high wire.
It was very high!

The guy fell off, but at least he had a safety rope.

We then went to the show in the evening.
The show was pretty good. They had the world champion unicycle high jumper. He jumped from the ground up on to the top of 9 stacked pallets!
Then the Unicycle world long jump champion jumped over four people lying down!

The night finished a glow session to the DJ’s music. Except only 5 people had glow stuff with them!


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