Call that a mountain? That’s just a hill!

I woke up at 9 and walked through to the juggling hall.
There was already a woman in there practising with a whip!
We went downtown for some breakfast at a cool little place.

I ate the whole thing, apart from the beans, they were disgusting. No-one knows how to make baked beans in North America, people seem to think they should be mixed with brown sugar. Puke.

We then returned to watch the slack line competition. People were doing all kinds of bounces and flips on the lines.

After that, the judges came on the lines to show off. They were really good.
Unfortunately, one of them tried to do a somersault and went head first into the ground.
The show was called off and the ambulance came.

We all collected our gear and went downtown to check in to our hotel. Thank goodness, I was sick of sleeping on a hard floor.
We then walked up to the drum circle in the park at the foot of Mont Royal. There were hippies everywhere, playing drums and smoking weed.

I then decided that I would scale the ‘mountain.’ I was up it in 20 mins, scrambling up the rocks. The most exciting part was seeing my first racoon in the wild!!!
THe views were really good, but it was starting to get dark and I couldn’t find the route that I took on the way up.

After scrambling around for ages, I finally found the way down and met up with my friends.

We called in at the famous Schwartz’s on the way back. No one told me it was famous for the corned beef, so I got turkey.
Check out how much I got!

We then got ice cream form across the road, which was OK.

On the way back, we went through the sex shop district. There were loads of coloured lights on the pavement and the walls so we filmed a juggling video as we walked along.

Got back to the hotel totally knackered and I finally got to sleep in a proper bed after the past two nights of basketball court hell!


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