Cutting it fine.

I’m miles behind on my posts, but I’ll update the weekend when I get time to do it and I have some photos to illustrate it.

This past weekend I spent in Montreal at a circus arts festival. It was great fun and I got to see some of the city too. More of this to come later.

Sunday night we’d slept in a hotel as the festival was closed. it was so nice to sleep on a real bed after the past two nights, although my ribs still hurt.

We got up around 8:30 with the plan to leave at 10:30. We had to bugger about trying to get in contact with Gabrial, who’d gone AWOL and then we had to take the roof rack off Sean’s car as he scraped it getting into the car park. Sean wanted to be back in Waterloo for 7, so he said that it would be no problem to get back to Toronto for 5pm. I was worried because I had the restaurant gig at night.

Things didn’t start off well. First of all, we ended up in a detour around some road works, and then, they all insisted on going to Mike’s Pizza…

…which was about 15mins NORTH of Montreal. Not in the direction of Toronto. Apparently there was a tradition of getting breakfast pizza from Mike’s. The problem was, that when we arrived, they didn’t even sell breakfast pizza!

We got some food anyway and carried on our way. We stopped at a service station and somehow ended up eating a load of Tim Bits, skittles and some full doughnuts. (For any American’s reading this, Tim Bits are basically Munchkins that you buy from Time Hortons. For any Brits, they’re basically balls of doughnut material.)

The rest of the journey was pretty uneventful and I slept for some of it, but time didn’t seem to be on our side.
They decided to drop Gary off at Scarborough Town Centre. Just as we were pulling in, the radio started switching on and off randomly and the ABS warning light was on. The battery died and so did the car. I had very little time to get home and to the gig. I jumped on the TTC with Louis and luckily managed to make it home in time.

I got changed and then Sean picked me up.
The gig was really good. I had the shrimp pesto or something. Whilst we were playing, a girl, maybe 3 or 4 years old came and started dancing in front of the band. Then another boy of the same age came over and joined her. They’d never met before. She patted him on the head and then they walked off holding hands.
Jonny said into the mic, this guy hasn’t got the blues anymore…


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