Champions League Final

It’s all about who you know in this world. Due to my friend having some contacts, he managed to scoop us an awesome deal…

Two of my mates came to my house for around 12:30 and brought some beers. We fooled around and did some juggling.

Next we headed over to the Carlu. This is a really expensive venue for people to have weddings at.
Heineken had taken the place over and put TVs everywhere showing the football and a fancy bar with a fountain.

As we arrived, our names were crossed off a list and we were given fake football shirts with the Heineken logo on, and a lanyard which included two tickets for beer and a TTC token!
We rode the lift to the 7th floor where we were greeted by girls with trays handing out free cans of beer with the Champions League logo on:

A bloke then took our photo in front of a banner of the champions league logo.

After wandering about aimlessly for a bit in the foosball room, they finally opened the doors into the main room which a huge screen.

The atmosphere was amazing. People were singing chants and smacking stools together and we joined in the big line of people with our arms around each others shoulders during the penalty shoot out. This was the way games are supposed to be watched.

We all got a shirt, had 8 hot dogs and 15 or 16 beers between us and we didn’t pay a penny!! It’s all about who you know!


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