Toronto International Circus Festival

This morning I went down to the Harbourfont Centre as it was Toronto International Circus Festival.
This is one of the few shots I took.

I have hundreds of photos of circus stuff, but I was also primarily there to make a video of my friends who were performing on the Red Path stage.
The place was absolutely heaving. There must have been a couple of thousand people there.
I applied loads of sun cream, but it didn’t seem to help too much, I look a bit pink.

As I was filming, a bloke came up to me twice to tell me off for standing up at the front of the stage whilst the performance was on. I just ignored him, which probably pissed him off.

Afterwards I watched a few other things before meeting my friend, who turned up late.
We watched another act followed by a repeat of my friends show. It was nice to be outside and be at an event, but it was a bit too busy.
My friend bought a $4 ice cream which was about the size of a plum. Total rip-off from Walls Ice Cream there.

We then went home as I had to get ready for the restaurant gig in the evening.
The first set was pretty terrible. Sean wasn’t concentrating because his uncle had died the night before.
However, we regrouped and nailed the second half so I think we redeemed ourselves there.


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