Another day wasted with shopping…

First stop this morning was the barbers.
The guy I normally see was busy, so I risked one of the older chaps.
I’m pretty sure he didn’t use a number 4 on the back, there’s barely any hair left at all!
He kept running his hands all over the back of my head too. It was disgusting.
He then put a shit load of gel in my hair, which I cannot stand and starting combing it into all sorts of shapes.
I just said, erm, yeh, that’ll do, I’ll play with it later.

Next I went to TD bank to get my account sorted out. They were meant to give me free chequing for 6 months, but I never got refunded.
It’s going to be a week before they can sort it out. All the same, they’ll take money faster than you can count it, but when it comes to give it back…
I did find out that TD stands for Toronto Dominion though.

After that disaster it was on to WalMart for some cereal. Just as I was getting off the street car, a woman behind me asked me to help her with a suitcase. I was thinking, why can’t you carry that yourself. Then she showed me her other bag…it had a friggin dog in it!! Its surprising just how common this is in Toronto.
Unfortunately I went in Winners first and bought some shorts, that I only just realised are too short! Going back. WalMart took ages as usual and then onto Nofrills for some meat. As usual only 4 of the 19 checkouts were open.


Don’t even want to talk about it. It was so distressing, the heavy load light came on and I ended up having to take my bed sheet out. There was a woman in there who looked to washing about 6 months worth of clothes. She probably used them all in a week.

Sorted a ton of stuff out for people the rest of the afternoon as it was too hot to venture outside.

This evening I went on a walk to the park. It was nice out as it started to cool.


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