Mythbusters, live.

After work I went to site 3.
Site 3 is a community workshop where you can go and work on your projects. They have drills, milling machines, lathes, a laser cutter, 3d printer, sewing machine, and loads of other stuff.

I walked through the door and was greeted by a couple of people doing various tasks. One of them pulled out a Van der Graaf that they’d made and started sending electric shocks into their arm. I didn’t dare touch it.

They then got out a big power supply and attached some coat hangers to it. An electric spark arced across and shot up and down the wires, buzzing.

One of them got a hack saw and cut off a piece of aluminium. They were experimenting with anodising in the sawn off bottom of a plastic water bottle. He noticed that if you mixed two of the chemicals together, a gas was produced. It was then decided that they were going to capture this gas in a rubber glove and set fire to it.
They put some in a jar and stretched a glove over it. After shaking up the solution it started to froth up and the glove began to inflate.
After about 20 minutes, they tied it to the end of a broom and then used a blow torch to ignite it. It was quite an anti climax. A huge ball of fire appeared and just as suddenly disappeared, but never really banged.

I then left the building to go and see my friend performing downtown. He was on Canadian Idol several years ago and tonight, all the acts were from that season of the show.
What I thought was funny, was that there was a guy sat in front of us with a Canadian Idol tour t-shirt on, and he was filming everything they did!
We watched the first two acts, who were very good and then I headed home to bed.


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