Doors Open Toronto

This weekend was Doors Open Toronto.
This is an event where, for one weekend only, they open up places to the public that are normally closed.

I set off early for the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. I’m going to be seeing the Dave Matthews Band there next week so I was quite excited.
I was able to stand on the stage…

…walk around the dressing rooms…

…and backstage areas…

…and go up on to the lawn to pet the plastic wolves.

These things were so scary! I was worried at first that it was real!

I then took the wrong street car and eventually found my way to the Corus TV broadcast studios…
…and there was a queue.
A 30 min wait queue.

I stood in line and then they took us on a tour. The place was so hi-tech. They have 11,000 people working there (I think) and every meeting room has an electronic sign outside saying if it is booked or not which is then connected to the calendars on everyone’s computers.

We saw various studios and an art gallery where employees showcase their work, and then we got to go down the famous slide.

What a load of shit. After queueing for about 15 minutes, I got to go down it. It was a right rickety thing, which was almost impossible to actually slide down. Apparently when the Foo Fighters played at the studio, Dave Grohl insisted on going down it. He must have been extremely disappointed!

I now didn’t have time to go and check out City TV and so I went next door to the Red Path Sugar Factory.
It was crap.

We watched a boring video on sugar cultivation and were then offered samples of sugar before being marched to the huge shed where they keep the raw sugar.
We didn’t get to see any processing.

Here is the sugar mound which they move about with diggers.

I then rushed to the beaches via all the ridiculous TTC nonsense that is going on. Streetcars now stop at Greenwood and you have to take some round the houses back route on a shuttle bus.
I was going to the water treatment works. A building that I’d seen many times from the outside, but never been able to venture in.
It wasn’t very exciting. Everything was made from marble and there were windows on either side that you could barely see through.

Here’s a few pics.

I then went to Sam’s parents house and fixed their PC. I was paid in chocolate cake and a beer!


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