Not a winner…again

Buggered about in Winners and didn’t find what I wanted as usual. I got some more shorts after taking the other ones back, although the new ones have small pockets in them :S
As I was looking at shorts, a staff member walked past and got his collection of coat hangers caught in my rucksack straps. It was a right palaver!
I need to put on weight, nothing fits me in Canada.

I then went to shoppers, where I couldn’t find any decent deodorant. No idea where Canadians buy spray on stuff.

I went to the local bakery for lunch, it was great, and I got a cake too!

That evening I went to Jonny’s. On the bus there was a bloke with a MASSIVE dog. A woman got on and tripped over it, punching a small child in the face.

Jonny was in a really bad way and so much pain. He struggled to get down the stairs.
We drove him out to the gig and he sat on a chair with his leg in the air playing the songs.

I woke up the next morning and his Facebook said that he was in hospital on morphine and they’d had to do some major corrective movements with his bones.

Doesn’t sound too great…


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