Soaked through

After work I walked about 100m to the bus stop. I got absolutely drenched. The reason I wasn’t taking the subway, was because I was going to look at a drumkit I want to buy.
The bus was at the stop with it’s hazards on and completely empty. I hovered around, but the driver didn’t seem to be letting people on. I gave up and walked back to the shelter, completely soaked through. It was bucketing it down. Then the driver beeped his horn and opened the doors.
I sat down and the bus set off. I got a txt saying, “sorry, I’m still at work, another time dude.”

The big news today was that Union station was closed as it had completely flooded. Apparently it was more down to the fact that someone had dug through a sewer pipe than the rain.

I then took a super long way around with 2 transfers just so I didn’t have to go outside again.

At night I met a few people from work in the local pub.
I then showed two of my mates around my house and did some diabolo juggling/dropping.
My sleeping housemates were not impressed.


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