Dave Matthews Band

This afternoon I wasted my life watching another dismal display by England in a friendly against the Belgians.

I then ate and set off for Liberty Village to meet some strangers off the internet. I’d never met them, or knew what they looked like.
Needless to say, I couldn’t find them. The point in meeting them was, that I was going to the Dave Matthews concert and these people were from the forums.
I was just about to leave, when a familiar face from work appeared. I chatted briefly to him, but then he had to go and have dinner with his dad.
I set off to the Molson Amphitheatre on my own as I had will call tickets.
Now, there’s a key word in that last sentence. The amphitheatre is sponsored by Molson. Therefore, please tell me why a beer costs $12.50 when they brew the bloody stuff!?!?!?!

After showing my ticket and finally being let in to the pit, I found myself making friends with an entirely different bunch of strangers. They were very friendly and one even fed me nutrigrain bars! Because we were near the lake, we even got ducks flying into the pit and waddling around pecking people. (Do ducks technically ‘peck?’)

The heavens opened just as Dave came out to introduce the opening band. Everyone on the lawn got soaked. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Everyone then sung O Canada and Dave danced to it.

The opening band were called ‘Blind Pilot’ and were perhaps the most boring thing I’ve ever had to endure for an hour. But then again, most support bands are shit.

Just before DMB hit the stage, I got a txt from my work colleague and he tried to push through the crowd to stand near me. He made it 2 people back from me. I was second row. THen a bloke in front of me decided he was going to stand nearer the back and offered me his place on the rail. This was excellent news as he had a stupid hat on which was blocking my view. Some girl decided to jump in front instead! The bloke said to her, “I just gave it him, he’s from England!” I said I didn’t mind because she was short so I could see over her head. She was the girl that fed me too, so I wasn’t too bothered about that either.

The Dave Matthews set was amazing. Really good sound. A few shit songs, but it’s to be expected from a 2.5 hour set. Here’s the setlist:

Big Eyed Fish »
You Never Know
Eh Hee
When the World Ends
Shake Me Like a Monkey
Lie in Our Graves
You & Me
So Much to Say »
Anyone Seen the Bridge »
Too Much
Can’t Stop
Grey Street
Save Me
Pantala Naga Pampa »

I then got out as quick as I could. I needed to get the bus up North, but I couldn’t find a bus stop anywhere. All the ones I saw were Southbound ones and the other side of the road were all under construction. I should have just got a Southbound one and ridden it around the loop, but instead I walked all the way to Queen St. What a numpty!!


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