Wasted Beers

Another waste of a day.

I went to the drum shop first and bought some hot rods because my other ones are falling apart, and then I spent AGES in a bloody mall, just like every other day.
WalMart didn’t have any pads of plain paper. I bought some food and then went to nofrills for some meat.
I then realised I’d forgotten to get cereal and had to go back to WalMart.

I got home just in time eat a pork chop and then go to metal band practise. We have a gig on Saturday and we rehearsed for 4 hours today. It was brutal!
Our band are called ‘Wasted Beers’ after the Iron Maiden song, ‘Wasted Years.’

I will leave you with this choice quote from my Russian housemate.

“In my country, if the police see you smoking weed, you will get lots of sex with police, they will put you through kama sutra, they will fuck you!”

The Russians have such a way with words….


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