Scream for me Toronto!!!

I did the laundry and very little else today, mainly because I wanted to rest ahead of the gig tonight. Thursday had really messed up my arm so I didn’t want to do anything before the night’s gig.

After dinner I went down to the Hard Luck bar on Dundas. I was playing a gig with a load of guys I’d met on Criags List and were supporting a band called ‘Myley Cyrus Got Fisted.’
They were some kind of screamy metal and waved a rubber fist around a lot. Their logo also resembled that of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
They had some serious gear and I got to play a massive kit, perfect for our set of Iron Maiden covers.

6 or 7 people turned up that I knew, although we ended up going on really late and didn’t come off until an hour and quarter later at 12:15.

The gig went really well. Everyone was standing at the front singing along and we even got a bass player out of the audience for one of the songs because our bassist didn’t know it. In fact, one of the songs was the 2nd time two of us had ever played it in our lives!

I had great fun and playing Iron Maiden is something that I’ve wanted to do ever since I was a kid.

I forgot to post a pic of the room we rehearsed in on Thursday:


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