I dunt no wot 2 call dis

I went to walmart this morning to do a return and get a few things. As I arrived I heard some kind of alarm going off.
As I entered the mall I realised that the fire alarm was going off. it was feckin’ loud, but as is the way of malls, everyone was going about their usual business.
It was too loud for me, so i waited outside for a bit. I watched several fire engines turn up.
I also noticed that all the ‘asians’ coming out of nofrills had at least two packs of bog roll. There’s 40 rolls to a pack. Do Asians really use the toilet that much?

I finally got to do some shopping in walmart and do my return. I bought the item I returned in a different size.

I need to return it again because it’s still not right…

Work, boring boring boring. .

After work, I had to get off the bus early because there was a detour. Apparently a bus had run a kid over. Not good. There were police everywhere and paramedics.


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