NXNE / Brandon’s birthday.

I had the day off so I thought I’d check out the Long & McQuade customer appreciation day.
They had a band playing in the car park, but only about 6 people were watching. 2 were taking photos, 2 were cooking hot dogs and the other two were eating the free hot dogs.

I carried on and into the store. I went and recovered a power cable that we’d left there when we returned the PA one week.
I also picked up a cymbal stand for Jonny’s kit.

I spotted this hilarious advert for a band:

After collecting my token, I went outside to enjoy my free hot dog and ginger ale. I don’t know where the ginger came in, but it tasted rather like Sprite.

After watching the band for a bit, I took the bus up to Jonny’s house for blues rehearsal.
There was a possum outside his house:

We banged out a few songs before I returned home to eat a big butterfly pork chop! YUM YUM!!!

I buggered about a bit before going to Dundas Square. This week was NXNE which is Toronto’s answer to the SXSW in Texas.
Unfortunately the square was full of hipsters watching wanky indie bands like Of Montreal and Flaming Lips, so I went to Best Buy to have a chat with some ex colleagues.
I then returned to Dundas Square and ate some free ice cream from Ben and Jerrys.

After a brief trip to the LCBO to get some beer, I then went to McDonalds. A couple were sat behind me. A crazy person then went up to the woman and started hugging her and wouldn’t let go. A woman had to scream at him to let go and move away. There was also a group of old men sat nearby playing cards at one of the tables. Only in Toronto…

The final stop was Brandon’s, it was his birthday and he was having a party.
It was a very pleasant evening.

I took the subway home around 1:20am and there was a guy sat opposite me with a 4ft piece of rope into which he’d tied a hangman’s noose at either end.
He then placed it over his neck. I’m not sure if I should have reported this or not…


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