And we’re out…

We went to Jimmyz Sports bar on Eglinton and Dufferin to watch the game.
It was shit. It is basically a betting shop with a bar in the corner. There was no sound, so we decided to leave.
The problem was, we already had drinks. We downed them in about 10 mins and headed for some Portuguese place that my mate had seen.

A sign over the door was the only way to know the place existed, and as we entered, we were rather confused.
The place was a convenience store with bread and cabbages and whatnot.
We asked a lady where the game was being shown and the next thing we know, we’re helping a crazy woman carry some crates down a set of stairs.
There was a big telly in the corner showing the game, but it was in Portuguese. A disco ball hung from the ceiling and a jukebox sat against the far wall.

We ordered beers. Whilst trying to read the names on the pump clips I managed to destroy their elaborate Euro flags decoration that covered the names and it fell onto the floor in a million pieces.

We sat down and they brought the beer over. We said we wanted to pay separate. “$7,” she said. FECKING ‘ELL!! This place is expensive too!! Nope, $7 for both! This was well cheap!!

As the game progressed the woman brought around plates of dry roasted pumpkin seeds, chick peas and sliced sausage. It was all free!!
Some crazy Spanish girl at the bar hugged me and kissed me on the cheek as soon as she found out that I was English.

England lost, but it didn’t matter, the second the game ended, the barmaid put on some Portuguese hiphop on the jukebox. It was amazing!
The Spanish girl came over and started telling us how she’d lost $100 on the game because she wanted England to win. She hates the Italians because apparently when they came to Spain they raped everyone.

We left the bar and it was coming down like steel rods.

I then went to work for a meeting which was a complete waste of time. We got paid though.


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