Experiencing the windy city.

Luckily i managed to get an earlier bus. Due to it beig a Sunday, the subway was closed and so I had to take googles suggestion of the number 32. Well this bus dumped me in the middle of nowhere. I couldn’t even see the airport and after walking for almost an hour I was starting to panic. Every entrance I got to was a dead end or no entry. It seems that there isn’t actually a way to walk to the airport. I used my GPS and walked to a nearby bus stop. I had to walk under a bridge full of birds, scared that one would shit on me. I made it to the stop unscathed, but the bus went nowhere near the airport. I had to risk the bird shit route again.

After walking along a road with no pavement, and realising there were still no bus stops to the airport. I asked inside the petrol station.
He was an idiot and sent me to the wrong stop. After freaking out and considering the possibility of flagging down a car, I finally stopped a bloke and asked him. He sent me up a flight of stairs and there, in the distance, was the airport rocket bus!! I was saved!

Well not just yet. I was running out of time. I dashed to the air canada checkin. My ticket wouldn’t scan. They then told me to go to United. After running down there, my ticket still wouldn’t scan and there was no one to ask. I finally grabbed a rude woman who told me to wait in line. The checkin was supposed to close in 10mins.

I got in the short line, although it took ages because some idiot was checking about 18 bags in.

I finally got through, but yet another challenge awaited me. There were no friggin pens to fill in the US customs form.
I wasted loads of time trying to get one and then had to go through customs. Pretty painless for once.

I was then ‘randomly selected’ for full body screening. Exciting for the first time I’ve done it, but a pain when you have just 15mins to get to the gate. They made me lift my arms over my head, not good when you have sweat patches the size of continents.

Luckily I made it just in time and I fled to Chicago.

Finding the hostel was pretty easy. I then spoke to a guy on the information desk and got a map. He decided to tell me that he knew exactly what his name meant in England. He was called ‘Randy.’
Ho ho.

Funnily enough, I just caught two flies having sex on my leg as I wrote that.

After a while of indecision, I decided to go to the natural history museum over the aquarium. To be honest I’ve seen enough of both in other cities before.

I stepped outside, but decided to be sensible and buy some sun cream. I asked the woman in the hostel where I could buy it and she thought I was asking for ‘sour cream.’ Idiot.
I walked down towards Buckingham fountain. It’s pretty impressive as fountains go.
I sat down and applied the cream.
I then decided to skip on taking photos of the fountain, as literally 2 minutes after applying the sun lotion, the sky wet black and it was obvious a storm was coming.

I walked in the direction of the museum. The sky was getting darker. The wind picked up. Leaves started to spiral around, dirt being blown into my shoes.
Then the wind got more fierce and the dirt from the baseball field blew upwards in a massive curtain of earth. I couldn’t see more than 50yards in front of me and then I was temporarily blinded.
The wind died down and then it rained. Hard.
The locals all huddled under a nearby bridge whilst the tourists fought on to get in the museum. I took shelter under a giant tyrannasaurus Rex, but it was just a skeleton and therefore pretty useless.

I went around the museum which was pretty much what I expected, but there were some really interesting parts too. I don’t know how you’re supposed to have time to visit everything if you buy the deluxe tickets, I only just got round in time before they closed.

I walked back along the waterfront to the fountain where I sat in the shade (it was now glorious sunshine once again,) and took some photos. I’m now sat on the grass writing this on my iPod.

I almost forgot to mention the best attraction of them all inside the museum.

Welcome to America…


Later that night I decided to go out for some night photography of the fountain and somehow ended up all the way back down by the museum again! I didn’t get in til about 11:30.


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