Head in the clouds.

I woke up pretty early cos some dick in my room doesn’t know how to behave when he’s sharing with 10 other people and kept pressing snooze on his alarm.
It didn’t help that every time anyone moves in their bed it sounds like a donkey.

I had a shower and went to breakfast. I met a girl in the lift and had a conversation. Well it would have been if she could understand what I was saying and I could hear what she was saying.

First stop today was the kidney bean by Anish Kapor. It was fairly at 9am. Every time I’ve ever seen photos of it, it’s been far too busy.

I then took the bus to the museum of science and industry. Once again there was standard admission plus a load of top up exhibitions you could add on. I could only just about see everything and I was there all day, so I don’t know how you’re meant to find time for the other stuff.
They had a really good exhibit on WW2 submarines.

There was also the biggest train set I’ve ever seen:

I nosied round the back of the museum but there was just a lake.

After getting the bus back, I went to Epic Burger. It’s just a rip off of Hero burger, or vice versa. It was good though and filled a hole. I then took a few photos of the print works area before returning to the hostel to beat a Bulgarian at pool.

I’m now 103 floors up in the Sears/Willis tower waiting for it to get dark so I can take some night photos. On the way up to the top, they forced everyone to have a photo taken against a green screen. She could tell that I wasn’t bothered and didn’t even look through the camera, just pressed the shutter release.
Not impressed to be honest, they don’t clean the windows up here.


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