Radio gaga

I started this morning at the museum of broadcast and communications. To be honest, I feel robbed. The $12 entrance fee was far too high for the sparse collection of surf inside. The ‘museum’ is on two floors. The first has around 40 old radios and hundreds of small boards along the walls depicting people they’d inducted into their hall of fame. The next floor had a collection of puppets used on some kids show, a tv camera and a load more boards talking about specific shows and presenters.
I met the director of the museum. It was obvious that he’d never heard of Calrec (a company I used to work for) who are probably the biggest name in TV equipment in the USA!

I then spent about 15 mins in the washroom putting on sunscreen. Some bloke came in and had a massive shit. Which was nice.

Stuck for what to do next, I looked at my map and decided upon the Navy Pier. I walked along the river path where I saw a few different fountains. One was a huge arc of water that sprayed across the river for ten minutes every hour.
This was a waterfall that I shot at 1/8000 of a second!

I headed for shade the moment I reached the pier. It’s still really hot today, but the breeze from the lake is helping.
I saw a red bull car pull up. It was in the shape of a can of red bull. Not one to turn down free stuff, (and I was craving a cold drink, ) I made a beeline for them.
I can still feel my teeth rotting…

I sat in the shade for a while at the end of the pier watching a small child chasing seagulls. Just as I was about to leave, some bloke started chatting to me about his son.
I managed to get away and stumbled upon a strange exhibition. The navy pier is basically a pier full of fairground stuff and here I was in a stained glass window exhibition!

I wandered for a bit through the exhibition and then up to the ferris wheel. The first ferris Wheel was built in Chicago and designed by George Ferris to be taller and as a rival to the Eiffel tower. This isn’t the original ferris wheel, they destroyed that with dynamite…

I eventually found myself in a huge greenhouse of sorts. The fountains were simple but quite cool.

I then got the bus back to the hostel and spent ages trying to decide which restaurant I should get ‘true Chicago pizza’ from. I picked the closest one.

It was pretty good, but the service was terrible.

I came back to the hostel and played the Bulgarian at pool again. Turns out his name is Dido, not the singer, it’s pronounced ‘Deedo.’

I won again. Then some other guy showed up and asked to play after our game. We were speaking to him and Dido asked, ‘oh, so you’re American?’ and he replied, “erm, well I guess. I mean the way I see it is, the world is my home.
What a load of meaningless bollocks!


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