Kool Dudez!!

I signed myself and Dido (not the singer) up for a walking tour led by the hostel.
We left around 10am and it was already unbearable outside. Our guide, Cathy, talked about points of interest as we went along, but I couldn’t hear most of it for the rumble of traffic. Apart from us three, there were also two Korean girls.
We stopped off on the way to visit the Preston hall. I think you’re supposed to pay for it, but Cathy blagged us in. It was very grand inside and used to be the main library.

We carried on walking North up Michigan Ave. On the way there were some people handing out Geico (insurance) branded sunglasses. We all got a pair and then found an unsuspecting member of the public to take photos of us. That will teach him to carry a tripod around. Dido and I kept making a comedy routine out of telling each other how cool we looked in our glasses.
We looked ridiculous.

Finally we reached our destination, Southerby’s. The room was very small and full of tat/art. The lady very kindly filled our water bottles for us.

We didn’t stay for very long before heading back. On the way we ducked into Best Buy and spent an hour annoying the sales staff by listening to the cinema speakers really loud. The Bose ones were good!!

Next stop was just for the hell of it, but we actually came upon a very exciting store by accident.
The Lego store!!! I went crazy and built a plane. We then played with the hologram machine. You hold a box in front of the camera and it shows you the finished model in 3D and the men move around it!

We then made a stop at the Apple store before carrying on downtown. A stop in a shop to get postcards and then after nipping in another to get a hat, it absolutely chucked it down! Luckily we managed to miss the most of it and get back to the hostel. But not before I got lost trying to find Subway sandwiches.

We played pool pretty much all night until I went to bed around 7.

The night was awful. At least every 30 mins, someone would come in and make loads of noise. I perfected my stare of death and they soon shut up


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