It’s a wolf…

Had a terrible sleep. Maybe 2 hours max cos of all the activity in my room. I got up at 2am and went to have a shower. People were up doing stuff on computers. Even at 3 when I left, people were about. I couldn’t believe it.

Another crisis with the planes again. The website for CTA says that the blue line runs ‘all times, all days.’ what it doesn’t tell you is that it’s a cut down service and only runs every 20mins! I thought I was going to miss the plane.

Luckily the train got to the airport early so I dashed to the terminal.
The wrong terminal.
I then had to take some monorail thing to the right terminal, but luckily there wasn’t many people in he queue and I got through pretty quickly. Another full body scan and I was on my way.

I boarded the plane and noticed a scratty woman with hideous tattoos on her cleavage talking to some poor bloke behind her. They were in 1st class. I bet all these people are going to be so glad they paid the extra money, I thought.
It got better. As the aircraft took off, this woman’s dog started barking and wouldn’t shut up! HILARIOUS!!

The connection was painless. On the next flight were four blokes sat behind me. They were going on a golf trip. A girl sat opposite me. She looked like Shoshannah Stearn so I was excited. She then started speaking to the blokes behind me (Shoshannah is a deaf actress). Damn it.
The blokes were drinking and joking the whole flight. One of them had a small satchel. He started off the flight calling it a saddlebag but as he got more and more ‘chin music’ for his ‘purse’ he changed his story to it being a ‘dude purse.’ I thought they’d be annoying at first, but they turned out to be very funny. The guy with the purse went to the washroom, but didn’t lock the door properly. He said, ” the door opened and this dude walked in and I’m thinking I’m about to join the mile high club or something.”
He also kept referring to the plane landing as a ‘controlled crash.’ You can’t say things like that on a plane!!

Just as we landed he said, “remember, Indiana Jones had a dude purses.” Just then, a bloke that hadn’t spoken a single word til now decides to join in on the fun. He had a black t-shirt with a white thing on it.
“Erm, actually, I think Indiana Jones had a much bigger bag than that,” he said. The guy with the purse was not impressed. The entire cabin is silent and everyone’s eyes are staring their way.
“Look at you!” he replied, “you’re wearing a t-shirt with a cat on it.”
“It’s a wolf,” he said, sheepishly and staring at the floor.
“You’re wearing a t-shirt with a kitten on it and you feel you can give me ‘chin music’ on my dude purse.”
I can’t remember what was said next, I was facing the other way trying not to attract attention as I now had tears streaming down my cheeks from laughing so much.

We got off the plane and I went to the washroom. The golf buddies walked in. The guy with the purse announces, “I am leaving my luggage here unattended so can people please not put stuff inside it.” Just then, the poor kid from before walks in. “Hey look! It’s the dude with the cat shirt.” Everyone laughed. I saw the kid leave looking really sad and his girlfriend said, “did he say anything.” I was still laughing my head off.

I met Leslie and we took the train downtown. First stop was a place called Rock Bottom. We literally just got off the train and walked in.

I had some sort of sandwich with fries which was very nice and a couple of beers and then Erica joined us.

After dropping our stuff at Erica’s we went to a nearby bar for happy hour. 7 beers and 2 whiskys came to $24 and no sales tax!!

Erica’s boyfriend Zack met up with us and we carried on to Bunk Bar. After taking a bus, we were guided into the middle of nowhere. Delapidated industrial estates and nothing much else. We arrived and had some macca sandwiches.

We headed deeper into the devastation and arrived at Love Craft Bar. It was a goth bar and was showing terrible Japanese horror films on a big projector.

We ended the night at Voodoo Doughnuts. All they sell is doughnuts, yet there was a 50m line outside for it!

Doughnuts eaten and we were walking back to Erica’s.
Some guy on a unicycle stopped us and asked us to give him money to do a somersault off a tree. He was about 50 but he did it!!

Back at the house we went to bed. Leslie said something to me, to which I replied “I have no idea what you just said,” and then we instantly fell asleep.


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