Finally, a spot of history.

We woke up wicked late, but to be honest, we needed the sleep. Griffin picked us up and we went for breakfast at some place.
After eating, we continued on to Vancouver. Not Canada, the one in Washington state. We were going to visit a fort that was built by the Hudson bay company
to protect their fur trade from attack.
We wandered around all the wooden huts. In the blacksmiths hut, the blacksmith made Leslie a nail!

After we had seen everything and felt suitably cultured, we went to Pizza Smizza. The other two had pizza but I was wanting ice cream. We went to a the waterfront cafe and we had a single ice cream… Which turned out to be half a pint!

Zack and Erica joined us and we sat around chatting for a while. Leslie and Erica then went shopping. We ended up in Nordstrom Rack. It was a disaster. We were in there for ages. Me and Zack were just stood around waiting for the nightmare to end.
We finally got away after going through 1500 shoes and we travelled by bus to Fire on the mountain. I had a buffalo salad and everyone else had wings.
For pudding, Zack and I had 2 deep fried Orios each. They were really good!

We almost made it home alive, but then we ended up getting more ice cream!! It was good though. I tried a few and settled on strawberry honey. I felt so ill afterwards!


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