Kava, aka dish water.

We had a trip to Pine State Biscuit where we all has breakfast biscuits. These are nothing like English biscuits, they’re more like an English muffin.
We then called in at a bar called ‘Sweet Here After.’ We had a quick drink and sat on the patio before moving on to ‘Oregon Ice.’ We ate crushed ice. I had vanilla cherry and something else.
Next stop was Eula Kava Lounge. This was the first time that we’d tried kava, some sort of narcotic. We played SkipBo and drank kava from a coconut. It tasted like mucky water and gave me a sore throat. That was about it.

We headed for the bowling alley after I lost 3 games of SkipBo. My bowling started off well with me coming second. The next game I came a miserable last and then the final game was ruined by the addition of some bloke who put every ball in the gutter and then they got stuck and wouldn’t return. I had 3 strikes and a spare, I was not giving this game up. They moved our game to another lane and I finally won!!

On the way back I’d requested that we go to the bridge to get a picture of the famous sign. Zack said that’s fine. I didn’t realise that loads of other people were coming with us. They had to wait 10 mins or so as I ran to the other side of the bridge to get some night shots.
I think it was worth it at the end of the day.

Final stop was Sizzle pizza where I got a slice of ‘Kevin Bacon and pineapple.’ It was excellent!


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