We were rudely awakened by the world imploding. Turned out it was just some people noisily cutting down the trees outside the house. They were making plenty of noise about it and some of the branches were smashing into the house wall.

After finally finding Erica’s keys, Leslie and I went to hot lips for some lunch pizza.
Afterwards we took the bus to the Japanese garden for a look around. It was a bit small, but was very calm and tranquil away from the noise of the city.
The washroom had 3 different height urinals. One for normal people, one for giraffes and one for snakes.

We then went to the Rose Test garden where they test new breeds of roses.

After taking several photos we stopped off at Voodoo Doughnuts so that Leslie could buy some to take back with her.

We then met up with Erica and then took the street car back to her house.

We watched a programme on sawfish and then I had to go to the airport, via McDonald’s for a burger.

I was at the airport in plenty of time and decided to take the shorter line for the baggage scan.
Feck! The reason it’s shorter is because it’s a full body scanner. Here we go again…

Vancouver airport is bollocks. It’s massive and the connections tunnel is closed so you have to go through the X-ray scanners again.
Still, I had 2.5 hours to kill so it wasn’t so bad.


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