Did a five hour shift at work. Dunno why I bothered going in to be honest, but was kind of what I needed after 2 weeks off.

At night I went to the Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper concert.

It was the most entertaining concert I have EVER been to.
Alice Cooper had a massive stage show.

The banner was pulled away to reveal Alice stood on top of a huge tower. When he lifted his arms he had 3 more arms under each one like a spider or something.

he spent a few songs waving swords and batons around and chucked a baton in the audience at once point. Then a guy came on stage pretending to be a photographer and pestering him, so he stuck a sword through him and it came out of his back!

One song was done with a snake around his neck.

He made a frankenstien:

Then got carted off by some skeletons and put in a guillotine. His head got cut off too!

They finished with ‘School’s out’ and had a load of streamers and ticker tape and massive balloons and as the balloons landed on the stage, Alice popped them with a huge cutlass! Then Nicko McBrain from Iron Maiden came out and did backing vocals!

Maiden came on for their Maiden England retour. They played only songs up until the Seventh Son album (except Fear of the dark) and had LOADS of fireworks and pyrotechnics going off. It was so much fun! Totally knackered and my throat is sore from singing/shouting.

Eddie as a pirate:

…And of course, the Seventh Son Eddie with the fetus.


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