I went for a hair cut this morning. I found out that apparently my barbershop is Greek not Italian. They look the same though.
I think it’s the greasy hair that does it.

Anyway, I was daydreaming and the next thing I know, all my hair is gone! Like, it’s WICKED short.

In the afternoon I went to Soundclash festival.
The first band I saw were absolutely dire. Like fecking terrible. Like I wanted to go up there and take a massive dump on stage, that would have livened things up. They also had a guy with a zombie mask on tied to a pole who occasionally danced.

I took a picture, but frankly I think they’ve had too much attention already.

I then saw Chloe Charles. She was a singer songwriter with a band. VEry good. I have a photo of her, but it’s probably crap and I can;t be arsed to turn my phone back on.

I then saw a 12 piece salsa band called “La Maquina de la Salsa,” they were very good.

I went home and after eating I headed once more for the Molson Amphitheatre.
There was MASSES of people outside. It was totally ridiculous. And the lines were moving so slowly.
Luckily I got in to the arena just in time for the first song.
There was no support band.
Carlos Santana banged into some face melting solo as Dennis Chambers (my hero) bashed away on the drums.
I was right at the back. I had lawn tickets, but decided to risk standing behind the back row of seats. Security kept coming along and moving us, but we didn’t get kicked out onto the lawn.
My photos are probably shit so I won’t post them either.
Half way through the set, Carlos brought his wife out to play drums. She did a song followed by an extended drum solo. The crowd were going ballistic, WOW a woman playing drums that just happens to be his wife!!
I wonder how many knew that his wife is Cindy Blackman, the most famous female drummer ever and an 11 year span as Lenny Kravitz’s drummer.

Dennis Chambers also got a solo later. In the middle he slowed his arms down to a stop, but kept his feet going whilst he wiped his face with a towel and drank a tomato juice. Everyone went crazy!

It was a really good gig and about 2:45mins long. They played a lot of the old stuff too which was good, cos his new album SUCKS!


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