Humber Bay

In the morning I headed straight out west to place I’ve not been before, Humber bay.
The street car is am interesting ride out that way, it goes on proper railway tracks at one point.

I walked along the west part of the park and sat to admire the view for a moment.

I walked around the park and sat with a fisherman whilst he caught seaweed.
I moved on to the bridge. Which was disappointing and not the bridge that I was looking for.

Then I saw this one on the horizon! This was the bridge I wanted to see!

I walked the coastline towards the bridge, stopping to eat some lunch and to take pictures of some artwork. Someone had gone nuts piling up rocks. They were everywhere!

I finally made it to the bridge and sat in the sun for a bit watching a fish die in the water.
It was beautiful.

In the evening I headed out to Woodbine park for the jazz festival. It was great.

Don;t worry readers, I wasn’t sick in a box, this is Canada’s answer to cheesy chips. It’s fries, cheese curds, gravy and pulled pork and they called it ‘poutine.’
I decimated it!

It’s taking so long to upload my other photo so I won’t bother. It was crap anyway. I watched three bands, although the second one the drummer was playing WAY too much. He was very good, but not playing for the song.


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