I started the morning by watching Johnny English – Reborn, it was actually really good!

Tapiwa arrived around 2ish and we fired up the barbecue. We had T-bone steaks with lettuce and carrots. It was awesome.
We were pretty lucky, because not long after eating the heavens opened. It only rained for about half an hour and we amused ourselves with a TV programme where you had to guess if it was a man or a woman. it was pretty terrible.
The arrival of Jeremy Kyle after that show was enough to help us make up our minds to leave the house.
we walked down to the beach and did some paddling. It took me ages to get Tapiwa to go in the water, it was too cold for his Africa body and he kept shouting and jumping back onto the beach.

We walked back up to Queen street and luckily enough, the jazz festival had started. The beaches jazz festival is really good. They have loads of bands along a 2km stretch and when one band finishes, another band starts.
After watching a couple of bands, we went back via the beer store.

We fired up the barbecue and ate burgers and sausages when Brandon arrived.

After dinner Tapiwa made a Bon Jovi video and insisted on getting a video taken of him dancing with a doll.
Then something quite extraordinary happened. We filmed an entire horror movie.
Like proper filmed it with different camera angles and stuff.
It’s so scary and features Clarissa, the vacant looking doll.


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