Pot Luck

Very busy day today.
I did my washing in the morning before sitting down in front of the womens football.
Canada Vs Japan.
Canada didn’t play so well (although it was much better than Toronto FC) but it was one of the most exciting games I’ve seen in a long time.

I then went down to the beach and sat on the rocks for a bit. An otter appeared by my feet and then shot back under the rocks, which was quite surprising.

I then went all the way to Eglinton West for band rehearsal. It took an hour and a half because I was leaving right at the time the schools close (3pm, they’re never there!) and the bus was so full it wouldn’t let anyone else on.

Rehearsal done and I shot downtown to Louis’s for his leaving do. He’s going to Europe for a few months or however long it can survive out there busking and whatnot. It was a crossover party for all his various groups of friends from juggling, frisbee, dancing, school, pot luck. They had a pot luck where people bring various dishes and share food. We ate loads and had some beers before I had to go home.

It was torrential rain. I was wearing shorts and flip flops, which was probably the best attire for such weather. I had to get 2 street car replacement buses and an actual streetcar to get home, so that meant lots of waiting around in the rain for them to arrive.

It rained all night and the thunder was so loud that the house shook!


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