Cest que bibliotheque non spreche Francais.

Tapiwa had stayed over, so we just pratted around on the internet for most of the morning until the Olympic ceremony started.

We were pretty pissed off to be honest. After only five minutes, they showed a commercial break, right in the middle of the action! What the hell was this about?!?!
Screw TSN we thought, and switched to SN, which did exactly the same thing. Same on CTV. Turns out they’re all owned by the same company. But still, who interrupts the ceremony with commercials?!?! Then through other bits of it the commentators are talking a load of bollocks so you miss what’s going on. North American companies really have no clue how to broadcast any type of sports event.

Then there was the ceremony itself. Why the hell were they speaking in French and THEN translating it to English?
The Olympics are in England, where the only official language is English.
French isn’t even a ‘recognised’ language, so they should have done the event in Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Lowland Scots, Cornish, Irish or British Sign Language before doing it French. The games were first held in Greece and they don’t speak French there either!
The only people who speak French in England are high school students and French people on holiday.
Absolute bollocks!

As soon as it all finished we went down to Queen street again to explore the jazz festival a bit more. Two bands I saw were REALLY good and one drummer blew me away.

These are the two bands I liked the most.

KC Roberts and the Revolution



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