50 shades of shite

I succumbed to the hype today. A lady was sat in front of me on the bus reading 50 shades of gray, so I read a couple of pages over her shoulder.
It is complete shite. It’s like a 14 year old has written it, which I wouldn’t be surprised if they had. COntent was shit, writing style was terrible and it really just wasn’t about anything at all. I see what people mean about it being ‘sexually charged’ on pretty much any page you pick, but it just seemed a adolescent was trying to free their sexual tension through writing a book.

Zero Stars from my review.

Did work, came home, ate more steak. I had managed to get the password for the router out of our landlord so I reset it remotely and the internet is back on. Bloody ridiculous that they put it in someones room. They’re currently in the USA on holiday and their room is locked.

Been catching up on a few GPS tags on my photos tonight, I think I’ve got most of them.

Here’s a map of the places I have photographed so far.
Think it’s about time I went to the islands!


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