KFC is just as awful as I remember.

I haven’t eaten KFC in about 8 years, but we got some coupons through the post, so I gave in and had one for lunch.
It was fecking awful. Just as I remember. Chicken is full of shards of broken bones, the crispy stuff coating it tastes fowl and the hole thing is just so unhealthy.
I counter balanced it by having loads of veg for dinner.

After work in the morning I spent about an hour in Best Buy talking to the people I used to work with and I bought a camera battery with my vouchers and reward zone points.

This evening I have been sorting out my old posts from my holiday. If you’re bored of my shit boring posts of late, these ones are much more exciting.
If anyone actually reads this blog anymore. The posts start at the following link and include tits and steak!



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