Finally made it across the water.

Brandon, Tapiwa and I all took the ferry over to Centre Island. Great idea, except that it’s a long weekend so it was rammed!
They finally let us on the ferry, did all the safety warnings, and then told us to all get off because the ferry wouldn’t start…

We got on the next boat down and we were on our way.
After wandering around for a bit looking at the amusement park and taking pictures of swans, we settled on the beach at the North side.

We then somehow ended up spending the next 90minutes throwing stones at a pipe in the sea. It became addictive as we came closer and closer to hitting it.

After that we headed back to dry land and to my house where we ordered a Pizza Pizza. It was really good and I think I will have the remains for lunch tomorrow!
On the way we saw a Go train marooned on the bridge at Union Station. I say marooned.

Next stop was Annex Billiards. We were greeted by a bloke who was almost funny, but you could tell he used the same jokes on everyone. We played pool for a while and I won every game!

That photo is actually a few doors down from the pool place.
Afterwards, Kyle took us all to Minges next door or whatever it’s called.

They have these machines that look at bit like Pizza Hut Ice Cream factory. They don’t dispense ice cream though, it’s frozen yoghurt. They had all kinds of different flavours and you can layer them up and add toppings like hundreds and thousands and chocolate drops.
It was amazing, but I think it might be the reason I had such crazy dreams at night…


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