Fort York

Today I took a trip to Fort York. I didn’t expect to be impressed as I’ve seen probably 90% of the castles in the UK, but it was actually a very good day out.
I arrived just in time for a tour, in which they talked about how York (Toronto) used to end at Front Street and the islands were connected at the East end by sand.
The fort was strategically built to stop the American’s invading and took full advantage of the natural harbour that was formed between what is now the islands and Front Front Street. I learned a few street name changes too. For instance, Queen Street used to be called Lot street because you could purchase lots along it. It was renamed for Queen Victoria. Richmond used to be a main street too, but I’ve forgotten it’s original name. Downtown Toronto was originally the suburbs with Cabbage Town being the original settlement.

After the tour, the bloke went outside and fired a musket twice. Unfortunately for him, the the second round got stuck and he had to mess about with it to get it to work. There was a Scottish bloke there who kept asking loads of questions, which was good because we learnt so much more from the answers.

I then joined a second tour on what it was like to live at the fort. A woman showed us the barracks and sergeants mess.
If you wanted to advance up a rank, you would have to pay and to be a junior sergeant the price was $20,000 in todays money. Every time you went up a rank, you sold your rank and bought a new one. Your final rank was your pension. We then went into the kitchen a lady told us about that She offered us a Shrewsbury cake afterwards as well which was nice but a little odd tasting.

I found it odd how you could see the Toronto skyline of high-rise buildings all around the fort.

I wandered around the other buildings that I hadn’t seen and saw a beaver which suddenly ran down a hole. I carried on walking and after taking some photos of a Union Jack flag, I saw another beaver. I managed to get a better picture this time and realised that it wasn’t a beaver because the tail was all wrong.

Just as I was exiting the gift shop I asked the lady behind the counter what this creature was. It was a groundhog! I’d never seen one before or knew what one was which was exciting!!

After dinner I went to Christie Pits for juggling. I was really late. I’d decided not to go because I was going to a gig instead, then I realised at the last minute that the gig is not until tomorrow so I turned up and only had 30 minutes to juggle before it got dark and everyone left.

I arrived home to meet a new girl that is moving in next month!


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