Gardiner Museum

Today it finally rained and the temperature dropped. It was so nice to have a break from the horrible heat.
I decided to go to the Gardiner Museum as I know someone that works there so I could get in for free.
He let me in round the back and I just happened to be in time for the tour.
It just so happened that there was a Rule Britannia Exhibition on and they were showing lots of British pottery.
It was really interesting and I actually learnt a fact about tea. Apparently if you put the milk in first, it is a sign that you are common because you can’t afford real porcelain. Cheap bone china couldn’t resist boiling temperatures and so you had to use the milk to cool the boiling tea down.

They also had a sugar shaker just like the one my Gran left to us. I was amazed!

After the tour I hung around for another 40 mins or so to see the other exhibits and then I came home to have dinner.

At night I went with Tapiwa to Cherry Cola’s Rock and Roll club to see a band that we discovered at the Beaches Jazz Fest.
I’d rad all sorts on Yelp about it entirely red inside with lots of mirrors, a burlesque dancer and barmaids dressed “like cheap whores.”
The last two were not there, I wasn’t sure if I was relived or disappointed by this.

The band (Juice) were great. Then I went home to bed.


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